What We Do

What We Do

Authorities have always neglected Rio de Janeiro communities (favelas), for this reason we have created the project Favela sem Corona. The aim is to reduce the coronavirus pandemic impact on Rio de Janeiro favelas by focusing on prevention and support for diagnosis.

What We Focus On


Through social media, by using informal, simple, objective language, we keep favela residents updated on what to do to avoid getting infected by coronavirus. We share alert on fake news, and information on charity initiatives carried out by entities and organizations operating in the communities. Donations are used to purchase soap, alcohol gel, and masks. Upon delivery, we send goods to entities and organizations operating in the communities. We have set up a whatsapp account to provide further support to favela residents where they can report on human rights violations, labor rights, violence against women, and crimes against public health. We refer the reports to authorities.

In partnership with bem.care, we refer people having a hard time to cope with the coronavirus social distancing period due to isolation, anxiety, fear, grief, or loneliness to online sessions with psychologist.

Support for diagnosis

To provide support to health organizations operating in favelas perform diagnosis, Favela sem corona purchases rapid tests for COVID-19 and personal protective equipment to donate to those health organizations.