Stakelogic Acquires a New Online Casino Persona

Officially, Stakelogic has embarked on a campaign to redesign its brand and establish a new online casino identity. This is in an effort to reflect the company’s transition from a B2B video slots studio to a provider of casino content for both operators and users.

It has never been more essential for an iGaming brand to distinguish itself from rivals than it is now, as the online video slots industry becomes more popular and saturated with game developers.


A Completely Distinct Organization

The Digital Marketing Manager at Stakelogic, Jake Agius, stated that since the company was acquired by Triple Bells, it has become an entirely new online casino business. As a result, it has an entirely distinct perspective on the creation and distribution of online games.


Mr. Aguis stated that Stakelogic is now able to serve a much larger clientele as a result of its innovative video slot development. The company did not believe that its previous customer base and brand identity accurately reflected or represented one another.


The Digital Marketing Manager went on to say that while Stakelogic wants to engage online casino operators and raise brand awareness, it also wishes to establish a much deeper connection with players. The company intends to do so by promoting its own brand rather than marketing its titles individually.


Aguis further stated that he believed in the revitalized brand. Moving forward, he believes that the revitalized brand, coupled with the new logo, will go a long way toward increasing operator and player awareness.


Attracting Users Worldwide

As it refreshes its values and aesthetics, the Stakelogic group intends to attract a greater number of video slot players and gambling enthusiasts from around the world. Their objective is to demonstrate where Stakelogic has been and where it intends to go.


The new branding for Stakelogic’s online casinos seeks to capture the rapid growth of recent years and emphasize a greater capacity for development in order to stimulate even more growth among its players, operators, and online casinos.


The company was acquired by Triple Bells in August of 2018. Since then, it has been able to acquire two properties independently. Earlier this month, the company added two new acquisitions to its growing portfolio, namely Smart&Applied and Hurricane Games.

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